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10 Years of Aion Maps Project


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This year marks 10 years since I started my little (at the time) project I like to call Aion Maps Project. While playing AION China OB in 2009, I decided to make a quick and dirty tool to help me and my guild with locations of gatherable materials across the maps of Aion. At the time I didn't care much about how it looks, but more that it was quick and showed the maps as needed. 

I stopped playing Aion in 2010, but continued coming back to my project from time to time to change or add few things. In 2015 I decided to create a good UI for the project so it doesn't have that 90s sloppy look and thus version 5.0 was born. It is now 2019 and version of project has been updated to 5.3 (and I have not been playing the game for 9 years) and somehow my project outlived many Aion-related websites like AionSource and even the original Korean site that I took data from is no longer there.

I am not sure how many people still use my project in their daily Aion adventures, but to those that do I say thank you as I never expected this little side tool of mine to become popular

You can still visit and use the tool at https://aionproject.ml


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Damn dude, I would have liked to know this site years ago, it would have been very helpful, much better and quicker than searching for each material in Aiondatabase.com. But now? 
... now it's a Cruel joke, to look again at all those Erased maps and materials. You got me right in the feels. :(

I used to be a gatherer and your maps are missing my favorite nodes  icon_item_elementalstone04c.png  Weathered_Objects  more proftiable than common nodes and a lot more fun to extract as you needed to get to special or hard to reach places in Gelkmaros/Inggison and  icon_item_elementalstone04e.pngRough_Weathered_Object  in Sarpan/Tiamaranta.



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