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RoyalSmurf Scammer Warning message


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Nickname: RoyalSmurf
Server: Katalam Elyos
Class: Assassin
Legion: Hoshido

Be carefull with this guy and never make any deal with him.
He asks for kinah first saying that he can't give you what you looking for cos he got scammed a lot of times and he doesnt trust ppl, so we made a deal, i gave him half amount of the kinah waiting him to give me what i was looking for, he told me to wait for a while and few minutes later i got blocked.
I won't mention what i was gonna buy and how you can trade kinah between 2 players, smart ppl will understand.
This is a warning message to help community to not get scammed by this kind of ppl. If you play in Katalam Elyos keep this in mind and tell it to your friends.


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