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  1. Kaisinel transform

    wow gz a magical class with atk speed its just.. broken
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    u need to readjust this compensation because with the new GP system, this is just ridiculous, really for 3k gp u will get only 7 gold bars????? (only a governor or top 10 can reach 3k gp lol)
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    stu jakan buy me ncoins
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    the same LOL good timer
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    what is the compensation?
  6. i can't wait for our nerfed version of that patch
  7. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    people should lose points for leaving the arena ........ its a stupid thing dodge someone to keep ur points ... in most of my arenas there is always someone who dodge me
  8. Siege Compensation

    waiting for my 10 pvp stones and 5kk ap
  9. aion is dying

    I think I've seen many publications like this since the game was released
  10. Wrong Season End Date

    probably it's to avoid people who do arena the last day of the season (after the 00:00 reset) and it counts as points of the season that is supposed to already end
  11. @Cyan Why do not the players who support the game have the extra run for the event? Some support to the players
  12. The event was planned like this?

    wow ppl wants legendary transformation first week prob they also want kaisinel at the end of the month
  13. Prestige *NO plus* for this event

    nope we need to pay 100 more coins to get the legendary random bundle
  14. Prestige *NO plus* for this event

    also we got a ninja nerf lol
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    make tradeable the coins (at least through legion warehouse) and why prestigue pass users we dont 'have an extra entry? ??????????????? @Cyan