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  1. lel i feel DN more balanced now but pretty dead, more than ever lol and yes 20 is a lot when ur avg of players is 200-300 LOL
  2. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    u forget the main point if u are bad u gonna suck with any class
  3. Event is GG suggestion

    u can farm ice hammers killing event mobs near to every altar they spawn every 10 min so ez
  4. https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/5065-7-2-nerf-on-pve-kinah-income-enchantment-stones/ https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/5059-the-new-7-2-reward-structure/
  5. also as far i know PVE instances won't drop legendary pve stones anymore lol and some instances like stella nm won't drop 100% ulti gear like right now , 7.2 isn't a good patch but we need new content....so

    i guess DN is more balanced now, but as DN-Elyo i miss some asmos that are in kt now
  7. Wise Dragon King Weapon Box

    it's just a cute skin
  8. Plate

    dw they gonna buff glads in every next patch
  9. "Mats are not faction locked. Bosses are not faction locked. PvP isn't faction locked" well.... i disagree with this. usually massive stuff is faction locked, like world bosses or events that need participation of the entire faction but anyways life is unfair and ncsoft video games too
  10. best end possible jajaja

    its funny to see an AT talking about to press 2 skills when only thing u know to do is press 2 lasers . lmao
  11. best end possible jajaja

    nani? i beat you 4-0 with my useless compensated gear lmao what are u talking in those days i was wearing compensated gear i never had a good gear, just now cuz its more easy to farm bad is bad but anyways dont make this more toxic, im saving my commander stun for u everytime i see u farming my guards!
  12. best end possible jajaja

    lol metal last time u tried to kill me 1 vs 6, if its 1 vs 1 u can't kill me even in 100 years LUL and im a dps cleric im not using magic resist gear if my dps is low ur DPS as AT is nonexistent anyways I'm really disappointed with momo lose agaisnt worst at in dn asmo
  13. best end possible jajaja

    lol epic ending idk how momo lost against that AT couldn't kill me with a whole group lol
  14. Zombie AFK jumping fest.

    and what's wrong with this afk event? only badthing i see is the amount of legendary scrolls u get