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  1. just remove the dam stock and increase the cost of each thing x5 (except ulti stones they are already enough expensive) like 5k for para weapons 5k leg contract well even 10k but... even without bots or scripters just 1-4 items per server is just ridiculous
  2. I probably did the same number of runs and never saw the necklace im really start to think that they removed the necklace @Jakan-DN
  3. hi are u from NA or EU? I doubt anyone from NA has completed IDD beritra HM or BT NM take in mind in NA we dont have the op leibo (that one that gives 1k pve def,500atk and 10khp, and eveyone from EU uses to beat those hard bosses) but ye anyways still unfair that just 1 group in the whole server can pass it, at least we need the op leibo that eu has
  4. Hi, i know ncsoft u like to make new pve instances impossible to do for mortals like me or for ppl that dont uses third party programs. Once again u made end game instances impossible to complete without platinum cubics, IDD HM beritra and Altar of Gales NM currently are impossible to do for a legit player, maybe 1 group in the whole server can manage to complete it rightly but thats not how it should be. please add platinum cubics for new pve instances to the prestigue machine thanks @Kibbelz @Loki
  5. Also can u guys add platinium cubics for the new bosses in the prestigue machine, the same that happened with frigida in PF HM is happening with the new instances (Beritra HM and xpecially Stormwing NM) , they are too strong that only with plat cubics u can defeat them (we dont even have the op leibo that other regions have ,10khp 500 pve atk 1000 pve def)
  6. PING BUG needs a fix please! im gonna punch my screen next time i get a ping bug
  7. can't wait for arhangelos to get salty actually nvm I see he is already here
  8. My ms is a lot better but some friends have high ping now. idk
  9. Don't say this event is good or they will nerf it ncsoft is used to nerf good event
  10. Wow no more afk contracts thanks for making events worse everytime
  11. Just camp anomos and u will have easy loot takes only 2-3 min to kill him and elyos are lazzy to camp anomos 1 ally should be enough . easy loot u wont have to roll agaisnt 70 ppl+ like elyos are doing in demaha
  12. did u see what u write? what's the point to run instances if u wont get any reward? are u trolling right?
  13. Imagine only give compensation to that ppl was doing arenas when it was bugged lol makes 0 sense @Kibbelz
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