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  1. AOD compensation.... thanks for screwing this up NC

    did u see what u write? what's the point to run instances if u wont get any reward? are u trolling right?
  2. AOD compensation.... thanks for screwing this up NC

    Imagine only give compensation to that ppl was doing arenas when it was bugged lol makes 0 sense @Kibbelz
  3. Transformation Update

    @Kibbelz can we have an official answer please? we need information about this and how it works the event ends in 3 days we don't have enough time left
  4. Transformation Update

    @Kibbelz extended event please! we just noticed about this new ultimate update
  5. Transformation Update

    @Kibbelz can u confirm this please i have tried 5*2 it works like that?
  6. Who didn't see that coming?

    meh, who cares we gonna get that patch in 1 year right when aion na will be closed
  7. Server bugged (can't level alts)

    yeeeees im happy when is the next reset i wanna some free runs
  8. Boost Runestones Abilities

    its penetration theres no resist runes resist stats will come in the next patch with that new item "emblems" or w e
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    @Kibbelz Since we aren't getting the auto hunting system we shouldn't get this nerf to drop rate/exp/etc on open world
  10. even that "key" prob needs a box to open ... which one will be almost impossible to get i expect lul
  11. sad better put a item in the bcm for like 50k -100k Ncoins to autowin any duel/battle something like an "autowin button" should be better at this rate
  12. Farming cubics and auto-bot system analysis

    auto bot system means they will nerf everything that u can get grinding, cubics, titan coins, exp, everything imagine farm hours and hours just to get a few cubics and almost 0 exp ... u can test early access server from GF if u want lol and see how it is https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/7256-aion-7-6-auto-hunting/
  13. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    the best thing they can do is, make that auto farm system and don't touch exp and drop rates ... at least not that hard .. u can dowload aion eu eas and set how is botting for 2 hours to get 0 exp marks and 10 titan coin fragments, even with that really ppl wants to see bots everywhere ?
  14. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    so u dont give a f about mark exp farm and titan coins u only want stupid cubics so thats a good reason to make mobs give 0 exp and 0 drop??? are u legit a retarded