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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    THIS ^ and arena FIX when???? going to 3 months and no fix? come on instead p2w events fix ur game thanks
  2. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    eww p2w stuff
  3. BCM daily sale reset

    it resets 6pm server time
  4. @Cyan World Drops

    I wish but that will not happen the only way to progress here is do afk content
  5. Arena reward

    @Cyan fix arenas please, we got no rewards this season and looks like the same thing will happen next season
  6. Jump Character doesn't work

    im thinking about to delete my gunner haha and make a sourc too all my toons can reach S except my gunner gg what a crap class for pve gg
  7. Jump Character doesn't work

    it happens when u try to put a name already used, did u tried to relog in?
  8. [Aion 2.19.20 Update] Skill Changes

    Gonna be hard to heal in pve and groups those spammable skills rip we need to understand cleric in the 7.5 is one of the most broken class of that patch (even a dps cleric can kill a suport cleric in the 7.5 lmao) that's why they are nerfing heals, cuz cleric has a insane dmg, and new idium skills (or whatever) makes cleric a strongest class lol Healing Splendor/Ripple of Healing: CD increased to 12sec : this one GG i can't imagine how clerics gonna heal in hard pve instances lol,
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    can we know the new rates for enchanting stigmas ? @Cyan
  10. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    wow ... you must combine 4 legendary skills to get the new DP. that's why you always fail lmao kkkkkkkk they didn't mention it in the patch notes, but the only way to get the new DP is combining 4 legendary daeva skills (like in korea)
  11. GP BOX

    we always xforming to farm gp .... ur point has no sense GP Boxes are supposed to spawn when a faction takes all Fortresses, that's the only issue
  12. SELECTIVE RETUNING is a important thing when u are making a gear, usually we need 20 - 30 luna tunes per piece to have decent stats. we have to retune 17 items.... every piece has 4 stats to retune.. 17 (pieces) * 30 (AVG selective retunes per piece) thats 510 selective retunes, every selective retune (only on ultimate gear) is about 160 510*160 = 31 600 lunas . almost 400$ to have a set with decent stats, and we need to retune at least 2 sets ( pvp and pve gear)... so 2 sets = 800$ . so unfair for an necessary feature... WHILE IN OTHER REGIONS IT COSTS around 0.2 cents per selective retune in NA it's almost 3$ @Gideon @Cyan can u consider to lower the selective retuning please . xpecially now when new/old ppl can get new gear for alts/main from red katalam and new meta is have multi gears. ty.
  13. Making Kinah

    i was making kinah spamming IDD and PF (AKA playing the game) but after the nerf of the 7.2 on drops/exp/kinah the only way is spamming luna as hell
  14. So we will get "real" transform next week?

    yea buff kaisinel cuz this game doesn't have enough p2w
  15. NVM i tho euroaion was a official server