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Put a CD on Pandora rift or just rise the max players count


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Seriously, whats ur Dev's problem?

We have a LOT of afker or other faction spyes on PVP rift, and PVE rift cant be even clickable before it goes full cause people already has scripts/bots to auto click this shit and enter before everyone. (You guys know Vanilla, right?? right???? same as broker scripts?????)

Do something!

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6 minutes ago, Zombiex-DN said:

don't tell me that you're blaming the other faction
and don't tell me that you're asmo please (everytime, Elyos are to blame for everything if something goes wrong)

Oh, never.. if we loose its 40% afkers 10% other faction and 50% lack of teamwork... but soon as people has CD, that would happen less

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