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Pandora messenger NPCs / gathering in-game maps (include 42-100p leveling nodes)

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Pandora messenger NPCs, Pandora gathering, 42-100p essencetapping leveling in-game maps

How to use these maps

  1. Download the maps to your Aion/usermappainting folder
  2. In your Aion client, open the World Map (Default key: M)
  3. Find "Drawing Tool" icon at the bottom right of that window
  4. Click the "Save/Open Map Drawing" icon
  5. Find and choose your desired map

Note about Messenger NPCs:

  • Each of the messenger NPCs will spawn randomly in one of the 4 spots.
  • If you do not find your particular NPC in all of the 4 spots, check each of the spots again. They may have moved to a different spot.
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