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I already sent a ticket to aion support saying that I could not receive the reward of the server change from ereskigal to katalam I was told that I had to answer the survey on May 22nd can anyone help me thanks for your attention

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29 minutes ago, IGhost-DN said:

And I didn't get the surgery ticket free, GMsucks CANT HELP ME......

Here is the quote regarding the plastic surgery tickets..


Characters created prior to the launch of Awakened Legacy, on accounts that have logged in since 1/1/2018, will receive a Plastic Surgery ticket in their mail to fix an issue with eye color. This bug affected every character created before maintenance on 10/24/2018. We will be delivering tickets to other affected characters in a future maintenance.

We had someone who hadn't logged in for more than a year that the GMs sent them a plastic surgery ticket. If the GMs are telling you no, your character must have been created after the launch of 6.2 and thus wasn't effected.

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