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Restarted this game


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I just restarted this game (Currently lvl 5 as of this post ) and i have like 3 week of leave so i am going play back this game

Just checking ..can chanter solo the game content..? as i am of oceanic timing it would be very hard for me to find a guild to join

I'm playing KT server ( Asmo)

My name is TimelessTrekker ingame

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Leveling is very easy. You should be level 80 in a matter of days. Once you get to level 76+ and are in Lakrum, follow the dark blue and gold quests which will give you a complete set of PvE and PvP gear. The first instance in that area is solo and gives accessories that are a big better than the quest gear. The second instance is a 3 person instance though many can solo it and most can duo it. You are in luck as this instance will no longer be available in a week (when we get the 7.0 patch) so there is an event for it and people are running it like crazy. You should have no problem getting groups that will carry you in there even with the quest gear.

As Van points out, you will eventually need group members in Aion if you want to get any type of real gear. There are other Oceanic players as well as EU players or NA players that work overnight shifts. If you put yourself out there, you will find people to play with and hopefully a good legion.

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5 minutes ago, 66s736E9-DN said:

can anyone bring me to that instance which no longer exist in a week time?


i'm currently online now.. TimelessTrekker and i'm lvl 76 now

Put a post in LFG. Say something like, "CoE - need carry"

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