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AT Gear? o.O


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15 minutes ago, Magikarp-DN said:

The public demanded something be done about Aethertechs being OP in PvP.

And NCSoft delivered...

this makes no sense, how does making them "re gear" have anything to do with them being op in pvp? rofl, plate is just going to make them stronger, but i dont see why we have to farm crystals all over again, and start from scratch pretty much, to get the correct gear now, when everyone else can continue their progression

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7 minutes ago, Samurai-EK said:

If you got legendary tier 1 it's better if you get the new tier 2 ancient. I got Ultimate tier 1 set I have to plus +15 then upgrade to tier 2 and change to plate, it's to much work imo

Cleric healer class is the new dps class as intended 

It deppends, if you leg. is +15 u upgrade, if not start from scratch. and ye, ultimate is more hard work and it will take longer since u get just 1/2 ultimate etiums from instances and u need a looooooooooooooooooooooot xD
Cleric as DPS doesn't have much heal now(get negative healing boost when sacrificial power)

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14 minutes ago, PsychoShooter-KT said:

promote, after that u can promote for free T2 chain to T2 magical plate, it's suppose to be like this(Other server are like this)

So I get a gear that i cant wear to 15? Promoting from T1 chain to T2 chain is bugged because only chanters and clerics can wear the T2 chain. Unless i don't have to get the T2 chain gear to +15

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