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NA <3 new players, kill 1 mob, rest 10min to get full HP

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So other regions gave Painters decent sets at 80lvl to help them do quests with 1235423465HP mobs while NA leave them with old Lakrum sets? They dont even learn from they failures aka Gideon vs new mobs in Demaha. I bet that GM in Lakrum set would die even in Balaur cave (1 of Lakrum campaign quests).

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Not quite. At level 80, your Vandal would just need to follow the same path as all other new characters of any class. So Vandals aren't given a special leg up, no. So that's true. But Vandals do have a very powerful heal on a very short cd. So it's hardly resting for 10 min after killing one Lakrum mob unless you stood there and auto attacked while it beat on you and then you decided to stand there like a tool instead of using your skill to heal yourself.

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Most Demaha / Dumaha mobs (Common Frade 2) have 11209 physical defense

Regatus Drakans (Common Grade 5) have 13399 physical defense

The mobs in that map with 9998 physical defense, I think these are altar guards

If you are in Lakrum gear then you do not belong in Demaha / Dumaha.

Your effective PvE Physical Attack = Physical Attack + PvE Attack.

NA Vandal / Painter gear will be distributed after next week's maintenance.

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