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cant do the "Into the nightmare" quest


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58 minutes ago, 17s38F4C-KT said:

Well for the moment the solution I had was to change the data.pak of Aion-NA for that of Aion-EU


Data.pak gameforce

I only did this to be able to advance in the quest, then you can delete the file and add the original again luck


Once again players find a way around something broken in Aion.

Well done.

Sad that we have to do this.

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On 31/08/2019 at 16:47, 17s38F4C-KT said:

Bem, no momento, a solução que tive foi alterar os dados.pak do Aion-NA para o da Aion-EU

F: \ NCSoft \ Aion \ L10N \ enu \ data

Data.pak gameforce

Eu só fiz isso para poder avançar na missão, então você pode excluir o arquivo e adicionar o original novamente.


is this allowed? can give some punishment problem in the game?

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