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Returning player questions about gear


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Someone have a guide to pvp/pve gear progression or could advise me what to do?
My actual noob gear:
-ancient vindicator (pvp) from 6.0, buy them at lakrum npc early 6.0, with genesis crystal
-ancient libertas (pve) from dungeon (ye, that 3-man noob one)

And what about this new "guide" window? all obtainable gear is there or just the progression of what im using? 

thank you all, sorry for my english and for noob questions :$

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You will want to buy the new ancient PvP gear. It's purchased with Genesis Crystals like your old set, but the crystals are easier to acquire. Just disenchant your old set for Fighting Spirit Fragments which you will need to purify your new set to legendary once you +15 it.

You can wear your old PvE gear to start working on your new gear. Run BoS, which is now solo. Then fun FM, which is now 3 man. 

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1 hour ago, Aly-DN said:

You can wear your old PvE gear to start working on your new gear. 

actually new PvP gear is better than his CoE gear even at +15, and better stats than Returned Daeva +12 from GST, wich should had been added in 6.5 lol



@AsNodt-KT my advice get first the important parts of new pvp gear,  weapon, wings, helm, chest, pants, boots, gloves & shoulders  , accesories plume & bracelet use your old PvE . Also Armfuse your old Ancient libertas weapon below the new Herald to gain extra pve dmg. (make sure to retune first)

here you have really useful links that can help to clear out your doubts






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