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I just wanna help my team man...


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Like seriously, I gotta basically afk every IB pug or not because of this. It's sickening.

Yes I run Battleping, Yes I run shugo console, No I don't run anything else.

This happens every match, can we stop it already? 


essentially a invisible barrier is created around me and I cannot typically get out of it unless pulled by templar or death. In this case it was on the stairs so I managed to get out somehow but as you can see I can't go through it. It's like a circular dome wall that's thrown on top of me. 

I am assuming it's a bug with the IB Sheep/Cleric skills, but this is just tiring. 

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I get the invisible block too.  I dont run anything.  I also get pulled to the middle of the map by a temp when I run up to the icon.  I play the cat/sorc.  I find if I do the cleric/sheep, I have to stand on top of someone to actually heal them.  My ping in there bounces from 47-65.  

I think its just a buggy instance.  Has been that way since release here in the west


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Yup.  I have encountered this a few times.  Someone helped me by telling me to log out then log back in and it got me out of the invisible box

i think you have not encountered an interesting bug whereby when you get in you appear in the enemy faction's starting point with no way to transform....

What's with the boss mob appearing immediately when the challenge starts?  I never remembered that before

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