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Daeva's Day Contest Inquiry


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I have a couple of important questions for @Cyan about the current Daeva's Day card design contest. First and foremost:

  1. In the official community news bulletin, under the list of requirements, it states "Entries must be submitted before September 29, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PDT". However, it states in the Official Rules that "Entries will only be considered valid if the submission email is received by the Sponsor between 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (“PDT”) on September 12, 2019 and 11:59 PM PDT on September 27, 2019 (“Entry Period”). Which deadline is correct?
  2. The in-game prize "Electronic Outfit and Hairpin" will be delivered via in-game mailbox to the character specified in the entry. Will these items be account warehouse storeable (available to all character's on the account) or bound to the character it is sent to?

I have already asked support for clarification on the tradeability of the in-game prize and they informed me that they did not have an answer. I am hoping you may be able to provide me with answers to both of these questions before the submission deadline.

Thank you!


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  • Aion Team

Hi there, 

You can send in your entry until September 29 11:59 pm. It was changed from Friday to Sunday and I missed a spot in the rules, apologies. For your second question, the outfit is untradable but can be brokered. 

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