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Aion launcher problem


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Are you using Windows 7? If so, you might need to do the Bin file trick. Go into your Aion game file, it's usually under Users/program files/Aion/ etc., and look for Aion.Bin. Change it to Aion.bin.old. If this doesn't work...........

.......Paging Cheesecake.........She is better at software whereas I'm more of a hardware person.

Changing the bin file also sometimes works with other versions of windows but I know from personal experience Windows 7 seems to need this done sometimes even after every patch.

Good luck to ya! Hope this helps.

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18 minutes ago, Alvish-DN said:

Thank you for your help. Will try this now but I can’t find aion.bin. It’s missing on my files under bin64

That might be what is wrong. Check under bin 32. The actual bin file name is what you want to change to Aion.bin.old. Just checked mine. There should be an Aion.bin under each, bin 64 and bin 32. The one under bin 64 is usually the one you need to change. Let us know what you find out.

If you have no Aion.bin file you may need to run file repair. You'll see this in the first part of the launcher unless even that doesn't open. And if that is the case I can only recommend uninstalling then re-installing the game.

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