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cyan ? A-rank minium


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cyan is there any way u can talk to the devs about making  the A-grade minium or all of them for that matter tradable or even for that matter talking to them about possibly making some type of morp to where we can upgrade our excess of c into b and b into a-grade.  the reason i am asking is i  myself have 4  a rank minions im working on  and to have to get  16,000 total   and only getting them in tiny amounts its going to take forever to get any of them to  max stage. and im sure im not the only one who is working on A rank  minions  whos hating the 30 here ,5 here , 10 there, drops or bags of minium.. and im sure like me there other players who have other chars who have it on other chars who will never use it so why cant it be account tradable.. its just a thought maybe you can run past the devs and im sure others would probially agree with me  on it being something they would like to be seen done.

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