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Share your Lugbug daily/weekly bundle openings here! (7.2 Part 2)

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7.2 Lugbug Daily/Weekly Rewards Spreadsheet

7.0 version for comparison


To start off, I have opened:

  • 517 daily bundles (Lugbug's Suspicious Bundle)
  • 111 weekly bundles (Lugbug's Precious Bundle)

There are changes made to the rewards from these structures. The NA 7.2 patch notes only mentioned the daily bundles being adjusted, but the weekly bundle has changed too.


  • The rewards item list is the same but the gacha rates are not
  • Rates for Grade A Mimiums have been extremely nerfed! In 7.0 it had around 15% of getting 10x A mimiums, in 7.2 it is now down to around 1%!


  • No more Manastone Fasteners and Arch Kerubiel minion contracts - these took up around 20% of all weekly lugbug bundles in 7.0
  • Lugbug's Versatile Dye added
  • Plastic Surgery Ticket (60 mins) added
    • Around 1 in 10 chance
    • These are single-use tickets!

The spreadsheet needs more data from bundle openings! Especially:

  • Weekly bundles (Lugbug's Precious Bundle)
  • Ancient Enchantment Stone Bundles (PvE and PvP chances are not equal)
  • Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundles (seems to be 90% PvE / 10% PvP)
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