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How to get transforms?


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Returning player with a quick question, How do we get transformation contracts?

I see they sell bundles on bcm, like $100.00 for 1 ancient and a bunch if random ones.

Black cloud coins.

Luna fortune game.

Prestige coins.

Gold ingots.

Are there any other ways?

How would someone get a legendary contract at the moment?


Thank you, I appreciate any info you guys can give.

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Faster way is always cashing, BCM or Luna dice Game of fate. Maybe 1k to 4k dollars depends your RNG to get 1 legendary.

The best way is from events as a F2P maybe u can get 1 or 2 per event, if you cash in events probably will be 5 to 10 times cheaper than BCM or Luna Game.

I would not waste prestige coins in a crappy white contract.

You can buy a contract with each character at 13M kinah and run instances to get contracts, i would say drop is 25% (?) Only from final bosses. You will get mostly white and green contracts but there are decent chances to get ancient directly too.

Farm a lot and combine them to get a higher grade. Usually ppl combine 6 whithes, 4 to 6 greens and 2 ancients.

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Don't waste your money buying contracts from the BCM its NOT worth, just like devil said just wait for an event eventually you will get one (thats how i got mine, end of the world event) in the mean time tho try to complete the lugbug weekly tasks they'll give you an ancient contract which is pretty decent, that's just my humble opinion.

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13 hours ago, 1s2062B2-KT said:

Returning player with a quick question, How do we get transformation contracts?

...you wait until the next good event that gives legendary transforms and do that. most people who spent money on transforms got scammed, then an event came and gave legendary transforms to everyone.

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ok, so now we have transformation contract mats in the store for ancient and legendary...

but how do we use them?

I searched the forums, reddit and youtube vids but can't find any info on this.

I looked at the morph menu and see a morph for 1 ancient contract but it doesn't use the new BCM mats so im guessing this is something else?

Also, are there any other ways of getting the shards things we need, other than the lugbug missions?

sorry I have so many questions, still kinda lost with all that has changed.

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Honestly, as a returning player with no xform contracts, it would actually be worth it to buy the $100 (honestly the cost is too high but it is what it is) xform contract with the 1 guaranteed Ancient if only because you can get another 2-3 possible Ancient xforms from the bundle from the opening and maybe from the combines if you get a lot of duplicates. The xform contracts are that big of a deal if you don't have any xforms to have a decent pool to start from and at least ancient is a must, tbh.  Maybe even getting $200 worth to get 2 guaranteed ancient and then have even more duplicates for the combines.  The point is that you want to unlock as many xforms you don't have as possible so that you can get more duplicates to combine later on.


The other reason is for the collections.  Collections are so important this patch since now you can have all the collections on at once and you need to have as many new xforms unlocked as you can get.

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On 2/7/2020 at 9:30 PM, 1s2062B2-KT said:

Returning player with a quick question, How do we get transformation contracts?


On 2/13/2020 at 11:51 PM, Malachyte-KT said:

Honestly, as a returning player with no xform contracts

  • First thing you can do is run luna on an alt, get the ancient transformation contract thing from BCM, it is 1 per account per week (or 2 if you are prestige I think). Make sure to buy it with the char that has the materials, I think ti is not account wh tradeable. Open the morphing tab (Shift+K, the go to craft tab and hit morph). there you can see the morph recipes for transforms. Unfortunately the ancient doesn't let you choose, so you might have to do this a 2nd time. I think you can choose the greater and the normal ones. I woudl suggest you to do this one time, or maybe two if your first ancient is not good enough. Because you can use luna materials from alts to craft luna currency and use it for retunes or instance re-entries.
  • You can also buy the transformation contract 1 per char per week from GST shop but it costs liek 13m, you can buy it with 12 chars in the account. But that usually gives normal or greater transforms.
  • You can also craft transformation contracts with luna, they take the same amount of materials that a kinah box takes. But you need to get the recipe and also have the luna materials for it. They also usually mostly give normal and greater transforms
  • The last thing you have to do is to get the breath of transformation from BCM, you can get 1 legendary and 1 ancient for free per account per month.
    You need 1x ancient breath of transformation + 200 ancient memory shard. So this way you can have 1 free ancient transform per month and one more by paying the extra breath of transformation
    You need 2x legendary breath of transformation + 40 legendary memory shards. So this way you can have either 1 free legendary per 2 months, or 1 per month but you need to buy the 2nd breath of transformation which costs quite some money.

    The ancient memory shards are given to you buy doing lugbug quests, there are plenty of those.

    The legendary are kind of harder to get, you can get 5 of them if you finish the weekly lugbug quests (all of them) and it gives you the reward. You can also buy 5 of them from gold sand traders for 25 gold ingot, one purchase per week. If you do both the gold ingot and the weekly lugbug you get 10 per week max, so you would need 4 weeks to get the legendary memory shards, but as I stated above to use all of them you would need to buy the extra breath of transformation because you need 2+40 to combine). To do it 100% free of charge you can do just the weeklies (and not buy he gold ingot ones at all) and it will take you 2 months or buy the gold ingot ones (and not bother with the weeklies) and still take you 2 months to get all 40 of them, then in 2 months you get 2 breath of transformation for free from BCM. 2 months and you have 2+40 to combine


Theoretically it is "easier" to get transforms than when 6.2 launched where people were literally gambling or wasting money on BCM. But also when the right event is on you might be able to get a ton of them like we did last year.

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