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EC Compensation


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24,000 Blood Medals (terminated item exchangeable for approximately 24 million Abyss Points).

132 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes

792 Legendary Etium

396 Ultimate Etium



I got the Etium fine, but only 100 Support Boxes and 10,000 Blood Medals.


Is this supposed to be the case? Anyone else with similar experiences?

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8 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

I'm also missing my first set of rewards, the fact that I didn't play exactly when the instance was bugged shouldn't matter. I still have not been able to do the instance the last 4 months I have played.

There are two types of compensation given, one is for those that were indeed playing at that time and one for everyone. It is not "fair" because someone might have started a week ago and will probably get the 2nd rewards and someone might have played one week after the bug was found and EC was closed and will also only get the 2nd rewards. One lost months of EC, another one lost a few weeks, same compensation.

I wouldn't expect them to get an intelligent and elaborate algorithm to hand individual compensation, like:
"hey you made your char at that date, you missed xx amount of weeks, yy amount of weeks you had prestige... so here is the rewards you lost."

Also think about it, they only do it 1 per account, so if someone played actively 2 characters only one gets to get compensation.

I regard the first compensation exclusive to those who were playing at that time (me included) as a "mental anguish compensation" or something.

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