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Re-add Cabinets to the BCM


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Prior to the 6.0 update we had quite a variety of housing furnishings, wallpapers and cabinets available for purchase on the Black Cloud Market. Since the store was "updated", nearly all of these items have been removed from the market. I think it is time that this section of the store get restocked. It makes no sense not to provide players with these items, particularly cabinets, as we need that room to store the items we collect and purchase! One cabinet that I would love to see re-added is the Floral Vine Cabinet, an attractive three-drawer cabinet that is part of a furniture set you can buy in-game at the village merchants. Other cabinets like the Club Speaker cabinet and the Four Seasons cabinet should also be put back on the market. As for wallpapers and furnishings, just re-add everything you removed!

@Cyan, do you think you could forward this suggestion to the team? If anyone else would like to see the housing section of the store re-stocked, please leave a message below. Thank you!

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