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Valkarie, this is out of touch with reality. GP is giving you a rank, if you are going to buy your rank you are going to displace someone from the ranks and that person won't get transformation either.

There was a time some pvp instances were giving GP and they were luna resettable, the governor of that time was a person who paid loads of money to be governor (I was constantly 2nd during that time). when it was removed I became Governor.

Also ranking up is predominantly a solo thing. When I was active in sieges I was governor for like 2 months straight and then I stopped due to time difference and the fact trying to stay on top is like a 2nd job, you can't miss a thing. Of course you are a cleric and you are in Danaria, and we do not know if you are elyos or Asmodian. So that changes a lot of narrative.

Gear up and then you will either be accepted in leagues or at least be able to solo and get a ton more GP than when in group.


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Let's start with a little history lesson. Way way back in the day, AP was king. AP (and medals from sieges) were used to buy PvP gear and AP also gave you rank. My first governor as an Elyos on Kaisinel was a ranger named Mac who was just saving to get his PvP bow. I don't think he actually wanted to be governor and I am not sure that he actually transformed since transforming actually cost AP and he was saving. Once he bought his bow, he deranked and happily kept his rank low so he could PvP without fear of losing rank to dying since when you died at a high rank, you lost tons of AP. I PvPed a lot and bought hundreds of AP heal pots to artificially keep my rank low so I didn't lose a lot of AP when I died.

So that sets the stage for NCSoft putting AP relics on the BCM. Now this was in the days of paying a sub to play the game and the store was mostly cosmetics. The player base freaked out. The thought of NCSoft -selling- rank or selling anything that would give one player a leg up over another in PvP was horrific to the player base. NCSoft pulled the relics and was very careful up until very recently to not put anything on the BCM that would effect PvP. Slowly PvP items have found there way to the BCM.

But what you are suggesting is way way way over the line. 

So no.

You want to transform? Earn it.

You are a cleric? And can't get max or close to max GP at a siege? Are you playing with only one hand? Are you playing the game on your toaster? You don't need anyone to group you. Go solo. Go dps. Stick with the crowd. Go to every siege. Win. You will be 5 star in no time, especially at a time when so few people are actually playing.

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Rank is earned not bought. and should stay that way. Like Aly-DN stated, AP used to be rank and currency and was very hard to get up the ladder, GP is much easier AND resets every few months so everyone has a chance to xform without worrying about people who hoard AP like in the old days.

Buying your rank won't make you better. 300k HP goes down FAST when you're under geared too. Go get a Katalam Protector Weapon and see how quick you die if you're not geared well before you make the decision to become a 5 star or higher and wanting to waste money on rank.

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