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The following sources:

  • Karunerk's Workshop in Luna Shop will offer mount recipes from time to time. Just make sure you are hoarding Luna materials.
  • Crafting: Master in Handicrafting can craft mounts, there are some recipes under Aetherforging as well, but they require rather high skill points and those materials might be difficult to farm.
  • Certain instances drop mounts on rare occasions. This includes Trials of Eternity (ToE), Rentus Base (Rentus/RB) and Tiamat Stronghold (TS).
  • TS in particular has a vendor inside which offers a low tier mount for Protectorate Coins. Just a matter of running the instance, killing all 7 bosses.
  • There are mounts you can buy with kinah form vendors in Oriel/Pernon, but they are not good.
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