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Regarding Songweaver


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I also am returning player, 1.5 mo at least.  I had same feeling as you on my SW.  I then started to build my Gear ... then played with Magical Crit & Magical Att.  This made H U G E difference. 

IMO: Manastone Socketing Magic Crit is way more important Mag Att or Magic Acc & I am still not half way complete on my new set of gear or socketing.  I am currantly at:  Mag Crit 3,589 & Mag Att 16,587 & what a huge difference + I am only 4/16 slots on new gear complete. 

I then found I use my PvP DT gear for PvE as well because my damage is better.  I was trying to balance between PvE set & PvP set at once,  it was crazy in time and kinah.  So i now just focus on one set instead of the cost of two.  I chose PvP set for two reasons.  In group PvE instances, I need to be DPS over Defense + this allows me to be decent in PvP which is why i started with my defensive PvP gear slots first.  Just my 2cents

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4 hours ago, AriaTheMelodious-DN said:

Keep Impassion on and start your rotation with the Song of Ice chain to get Thronesong's effect which is +15% magic attack. Aside from that, just work on your gear and stats. Crit and matk are the main damage dealers

15% damage boost, not attack.

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