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New spots for the old instances.


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OK so Herelym Mine is now located in the middle of a lakrum camp, I assume you need to own the camp to do it, perfect way to make it hard for non geared players to do it.

Minium Vault is in Gelkmaros towards the way we go for the windstream.

Abyssal splitner is nowhere to be found yet, nobody knows where it is (if someone found it please let us know)

Stormwind pet is still there, we love it, let it be a perma event too :D

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21 minutes ago, TheSecretCowLeve-KT said:


There are no more Urgent Order quests in Lakrum, so there is less incentive to PK people in there. The entrance is outside the camps.

Nobody did pvp for the urgent orders, if you see enemies you gang them. At least we do not need to own the camp to do it. That is something good.

Now all might secret cow level moo moo moo, find us the abyssal splinter entrance please.

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