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Expert & Master Professions question

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Ok I know you can be an expert at 2 professions but only master of 1.  Is there a reason to level up past expert after you reach Expert 499 on a toon or should I just focus on 1 toon with 1 profession each mastered?  And yes I have been told that the "old world" professions suck now other than possibly alch & cooking but I plan on mastering each of them on various toons.  I was just wondering if I should bother to level up 1 expert and 1 master on a toon & the rest of my toons do the same thing but with different master professions.

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The answer is - it depends!

Take a look at what you want to craft.  A few upgrades ago, they took the top-tier recipes for alchemy and applied them to 2nd-tier recipes.  So what used to be Major Scroll recipes now produce Fine Scrolls, for instance, Major Crit Strikes Scrolls.  Now the Major recipe produces Fine scrolls.  And the materials for the Fine recipes are very hard to get, since nobody really farms Animas (Animae?) anymore...when was the last time you saw people farming in Katalam? *sad sigh*

So if what you want can be done without elevating to master, you might be happy being a master in cooking and 499 in alchemy - if that covers all your needs.  If you want to master all seven for the sake of accomplishment, go for it!  But sadly, Aion has made obsolete a lot of things that made mastering crafts.  Handicrafting mastery was all about the mounts and Legendary Noble accessories...both are totally worthless now.

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