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Class Changes Over The Years


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Just wanted to make a little fun thread where players can put what change over the years they liked/hated the most for their mains.

Please remember to put your Class in your reply and the skill name/description and why you love/hate the change.

I'll start:

My main's a Glad and I probably hate the most that they added a CD timer to swapping between Slaughter and Defense prep because you use to be able toggle back and forth to help train mobs without them resetting easy. Now glads, even though they are still the AOE kings, they can't pull many mobs by themselves to take advantage of their skills.

Also not a fan that they nerfed Explosion of Rage, it use to be a 100% undodgeable skill with a guarantee knock down, basically the ultimate cleric killer.

I do love that they added more life absorbing qualities though, makes tanking without heals much easier and fun!

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Sorcerers: I hate they removed the important DP skills, I dislike our main shield is obsolete after 6.+. I liked the old stigmas where we had more options. I miss 5.8 Archdaeva system (worked so hard to be 75 level only to remove the whole thing).

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