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wan find stigma stone for glad

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Now stigmas you get buy them from broker, either you search for the specific stigma you want or buy a Heavy Stigma Box and chose the one you need.

About crafting every type of gear is made from a single profession, Aetherforging, Shift+P to open craft window, note you need to be lv 76 or higher.

With that said, at current patch is not worth to waste time and kinah trying to craft things, just get gear from tokens NPC Genesis Crystal, Tiatan Coins, Blood Marks, or from instances.

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You can also get 1 selectable stigma for your class with 9x gold ingots from the gold ingot section in Gold Sand Traders. Each ingot costs 1,3m so 9x = 11,7 million for one stigma of your choice. You just have to get the gold ingots first (you can get 6x gold ingots per day per char).

Hint: if you do not want to waste gold ingots of your main, get an alt with the same class to you, give him money to buy gold ingots, buy the stigma pouch, open it (same class to you, so same stigmas) and then trade them to your main.

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