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Merge = Goodbye Wallpaper/Floor/Exterior

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 So alot of players have been asking what happened to their rare interior designs such as wallpapers, floors, and exterior decorations since none of them are showing up in the studios. Some where assuming they'd appear back only if you bought a house, Manson, or estate again. Being impatient I decided to just ask a GM about this, and here is the very disappointing response I received:




Thank you for contacting the Aion Support Team.

I have checked your request about this matter and confirmed that the Floors and Wallpaper would be deleted after applying it on your housing. With that said, it would be permanently applied to your housing. Since the housing on all servers were reset, the Exterior Pack would also be deleted along with your housing. Thus, we won't be able to restore the Floors and Wallpaper for you in this case.

I appreciate your kind understanding about this matter. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.


GM Buuj
NCSOFT Support Team"

  So in conclusion, never ever buy any housing decoration again from the BCM or use Luna to create those extra few mats to craft up those rare designs, because if you do and they decide to "reset" housing again or do another merge, you are just wasting money and will not be compensated for it when NCsoft decides to delete it.

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