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Blocked character abusing whisper bug


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So there is a troll in Kt asmodian side named Aenhon, and the easiest thing to do is have him in your block list which is what the whole server at some point did.

He then deleted his char so he was removed from the block lists, remade him with the same name and then started his spam again, he had a level 20 cleric.

Some time later, he deleted the char and made a new char and this time level 10, and although we place him in our block list he can still whisper us from a bug that apparently exists.

some of his whispers came to me after I blocked him on his first message. I am  opening a ticket and hopefully he will get a good ip and mac address ban.



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They replied and it seems something was done


Thank you for reporting this incident. We have completed our investigation and have taken the necessary action. We appreciate your help as we are committed to improving your gameplay experience.

Thank you for helping us make Aion a better place!


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1 hour ago, Motgar-KT said:

Nope, still posting in LFG.

Yes he is deleting his char over and over again and remakes it under the same name. They can't do much about it. And LFG spam is not against the rules.

My ticket was because I had him blocked but he still whispered me. It could have been a bug.

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