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Since when did the elyos have the power to fly without the need for wings?


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They could just be lagging extremely bad. On your client the player could be up in the air while on their client they are lagging extremely bad.  The best way to figure out if they are using some kind of anti-gravity hack, is to get close enough to hit them with a skill. If you are within range to hit them with a skill and the skill hits no problem, they are hacking. If the game gives you a message saying the target is too far away, they are lagging extremely bad.

Sometimes you can just sit there and watch them and if they are running slow and ghost back and do it again over and over, they are lagging out  more than likely as well.

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Looks like some of the old cheater´s external software. Some people use the wrong name "Hackers" for them. But that is not right cause they are not really skilled in coding. In fact they are not even smart. Most of them just pay to get access to the cheats. 

This is not new. We had a lot of those things since a lot of years ago. No gravity was used a lot to reach impossible places (like some of the other faction´s bases), or to escape from many enemies. We had a very famous episode for it in Aion 5.X. When was really hard to level up, and we had some exp buff event. Many players got this illegal tool to solo an instance that was totally impossible to solo. Fallen Poeta had a serie of walls that require a certain amount of hits in a short time, while a lot of adds appear near the player. This tool permited to just "jump" the walls. We had a lot of banned players for that. 

But that happened cause NCsoft lost something. But this time is not one of those. So this thread will probably be part of something called "Hackusations". And is forbidden. So wont be so weird if is blocked or erased soon. 

And yes, this can be a really weird case of bugs, lags and many other things, but usually is just one of those tools. I don´t even know the player or the legion to give an opinion. Yet, most of the times, things like this happens, is a cheat.  But is just hard to prove and nobody really cares. 


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