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How to open stigma slot after reaching lv 80

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So, asuming that you are an asmo :3

After opening the first stigma quest at lvl 20 as Insta said, stay in Beluslan.

You have to kill Queen Alukina, she will drop x10 Unidentified Acorn Bundles, which will give you x2-3 Acorn Coins each. In each Belus camp you will have 2 shugos, the one on the right will give you the quest for the stigma in exchange for 20 Acorn Coins.

I know you might not see the quest icon but it's there, trust me. Really :) I'm trustworthy. 🧉 (omg mate emoji on Aion's forums wtf!!!)

Yes, Alukina drops for lvl 80s. Remember she spawns in each channel, respawn time 15 min.

Yes, you are welcome. And if you are an ely ¬¬ eeew bad choice. But I bet is about the same :)

Lots of love,
Zeyra  🧉 🧉 🧉 🧉

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5 hours ago, Luffey-KT said:

So I have a character that reach level 80 just by doing Luna.
How to open the stigma slot so I can play it?

Go to Beluslan and speak to NPC Gnalin and do the Q which takes you to Convent of Marchutan and you continue doing the Quest, once you do it all stigma slots are opened by level, so if you are level 80 the 6 main stigma slots are open (the others open only if you enchants the first 6 stigmas to +9, +12 and +15/advanced)

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