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Is this a joke?


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@Loki @Kibbelz Hi! This is Christmas, it should be best time of the year. But what in reality? only negativity cause people work so hard to get Meloons and by end of the day they have nothing! People with hacks, script, Vanila toys getting everything. I understand that Imbued weapon is very rare item but its been 7 Months after we have it and servers are dying why don't u just be more fair to us and change stock. Cause we all want celebrate and we don't wanna be angry and disappointed every day at 9 ST.  

Also we know that support must be bored now (cause no minions tokens) so maybe they got some time to check loot on KT-A this beautiful evening. And they would notice that Imbued Weapon and Apostil purchased by one same person. Hm? Mystery? I dont think so... oh yeah we all know that name of that "mystery sin". So I hope this is interesting thing to think about for our GMs and hopefully punishment is incoming. Thank you ;)  

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