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Solorius Event Suggestion @kibbelz @loki


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@Kibbelz @Loki

I saw a lot of threads by players saying how they're annoyed with all the hacks/bots/3rd party programs that people use for the special "Merirunrunerk" NPCs that spawn at 9PM Server to 9:30 PM and the game mobs.

Some people made some suggestions, so I hope players can write down what they think as well.

I know you guys won't work on the 3rd party program/hacks usage anytime soon, but you guys are able to fix the NPC's quickly.


  1. Increase the daily stock limit to a reasonable number so that each player has a chance to receive the item they need and limit the amount to a week for a player instead of day.  The daily stock limit is ridiculous. Even if the event goes for a month, people may not be able to get anything at all during this one month because of the daily stock limit.

For example: Have the Imbued Weapon Box  daily stock limit to 10. And then whoever buys the Imbued Weapon box cannot buy till next week.


       2.  Remove the daily stock limit and just raise the amount of Meloons needed to buy each item.

For the game mobs,  since a lot of people are farming for kinah bundles mostly...

Either create more spawn locations or fast re-spawn times.


Maybe add those kinah bundles into meloon NPC or to the animal farm npc so people can buy with their coins. I see less people do this Animal Farm Event anyways, you could probably raise the amount of Kinah in those bundles to 10mil kinah and if you're lucky you can get 100mil.


Please try to look over this and make it a nice event for everyone. 😔


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I disagree with all those suggestions :

1) if the stock gets increased to 10 what makes you think someone can’t just buy all 10 for themselves ?

2) if you increase the price, like Arhangelos said, the bots will profit even more from this compared to legal players

What I suggest is remove first come/first serve principle and make it available for everyone with a limit of 1 per account. Melons price can be also adjusted accordingly so it doesn’t really becomes such a piece of cake. Now THAT would make a nice Christmas event where everyone happy and no discrimination. Stop making players fight please.

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The suggestion to increase the amount and that this somehow will fix the problem is always getting me. The guys who use scripts to snatch the weapons have 20 chars or more at the same time trying to snatch, they would snatch 10 weapons instead of 1. Even if they put 50 weapons then some botters will simply end up with 50 WB weapons and you will still not be able to buy one.

Needing more meloons and still have the snatch game, you give a bigger advantage in bots, because now players will have to collect even more meloons and still fail due to snatching speed of the bots. The bot will grind 24/7 if needed and will get any amount of meloons that will be requested. An actual player will not be able to even get the meloons now.

Lastly if you allow everyone to get one weapon per account then the guy with 500 accounts will end up getting 500 of them and if they are brokerable then you understand what problem this will create, it will create a huge gap in future when the event is over, whoever doesn't have that weapon can simply quit the game since he will be lacking an OP item that was handed free of charge to players that were present on that event (for example lunar weapons, personally I couldn't get them since the recipe never proced even though I wasted billions worth in enchants, so after this I can't play the game anymore since I lack key items that others have).


The only solution is to close the event now before it does more harm and stop putting these rare items in events for the few to get. They could implement a permanent ways of acquiring them via actual game play instead of making them impossible to acquire and then simply make an event where they throw them into the players' face and screw any potential future players that were not present during that event.

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