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Sabotaging Luna bug check


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Last week the bug occurred about 10 hours before the maintenance of Wednesday. So if the bug was to occur again 10 hours before maintenance, we now gave the server +24 hours life span by this Tia bug maintenance.

If we got the bug this week, they would know Luna wasn't to be blamed. But if we don't get it now, we won't be sure if Luna was the reason of the bug, because we won't wait 7 whole days to see if KT can live that long. Last week KT's life was almost 7 days.

In short, Luna might not be to be blamed for this reason, and wrongfully attributed of the bug's cause. If our incentive is to see if Luna causes the bug then we just sabotaged it.
Next week we will have a nerf in Luna in a way, thinking we solved this and we might still get the bug and wonder what went wrong.


SOLUTION: I am sure this is possible but not sure if you guys are willing to go out of your schedule, I would suggest to NOT do the maintenance on Wednesday, just do it on Thursday, make sure you keep servers up and running for at least 7 days to see if we get the bug in this period of time because this is what we are looking for.

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I think your idea is really smart. 

We saw in the past that every unschedulled maintenanced reseted the time for the bug. And sometimes we did not have it becasue of this. 

If the cause was the amount of entries in Contaminated, maybe we used to reach that number on sundays. But with all those events the number of runs went down and reached the cap 10 hs before maintenace. 

But maybe in the same way, the reasson is related with another feature that we also left just to complete our event tasks. Maybe with so few events we will return to the normal amounts and we will still reach the cap on monday. 

But yes. I understand your idea. Now if we dont have the bugm we wont know if the reasson was the lack of contaminated underpath or just the time since our last reset. Yet, even if they modify luna and wasn´t the reasson, we will have the bug on next week 

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So we got another reset of the server 2 days before the maintenance. that thing is being self-sabotaged. The NPCs didn't bug, it is just the server crashed.

So at this point I might think there is hardware problem in KT, we get all sorts of issues and luna can't be blamed.

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