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20 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

You probably had the names turned off and you hit shift+F12... so you do not see the players and do not see their names either.

Unless of course you do not have them turned off and that was some sketchy thing.

It's next level sketchy.

@Konr-KT would have to have Name, Legion, Title/Rank turned off AND SHIFT+12. Even so, there is no white dot on the radar and the mob does NOT have a target.

It's clear from the video that the "Invisible Man" is a Sin from the poison and rune debuffs on the mob. They are also Asmo. The camp is flipped blue. If it was an Elyos they would have attacked the player not the mob.

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Unless you see this person do this all the time I'd just best it is some type of graphics bug with the game, it seems to be full of them. My weapon keeps going invisible lately, not sure if I have to reinstall game to fix that or not.

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