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Essence Tapping

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I am very confused on this subject, I have written to support but it turned out not to be too helpful thought they tried šŸ™‚


I am level 38 and part of Elyos, I was informed by support that in order to see where I can do essence tapping I had to turn it on in the map, so I was told to open map with M which I did, and then look at the left and click the check box, there is no check box for essence tapping on the left side of the map here is what I see when I open it up and all these have a check box I can check or uncheck:







My Faction

Starting Area


Region Info

Neutral Zone

Disputed Land


Basic Info





Redemtion Landing

Harbingers Landing



Infiltration Routes


Dimensional Vortex


Group Members

Alliance Members

My House

Vehicle base

Bind Point


Air Ship


Quest NPC's



No essence tapping listed


In Helio's new gate I went and bought the following 1 Novice Essence Tapping Hat

5 Essence tappers

and then I ran around outside Helios for gosh knows how long and found by pure luck one item I could tap, there has to be a far easier way than just running around randomly looking for something that can be tapped.

When I look at you tube videos I see they have all these marks on the map showing the locationĀ  of places to do this.


I have even gone to Oriel as the support suggested, and nope same thing. so what am I missing?????

thank you

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You need to go to your main city and buy a hat from the essencetapping NPC. When you wear it (it is a hat so it goes to the head slot) the mini map shows you the nodes around you.

But there is also some maps shared by some people that have the gatherables, @TheSecretCowLeve-KT has them I am sure. I have them on my older pc so I can't get them now.


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