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Help better Gunner or Aethertech...


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It depends.

Aethertechs are tanks (2nd to Templar) that have higher DPs compared to Templars. Of course, it depends on your gear. Some ATs can tank even the hardest instances. Some Templars have OP DPS during end-game.

Gunners are damage dealers. If you want to focus more on DPS, gunner could be an option. 

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:48 AM, MeChicken said:

I just started this game, be it Gunner or Aethertech? I prefer a higher deff, which one is superior? Thank you.

Choice is AetherTech. with lots of Deff and Skill abilities as well, just like Templars, it's just that this is a Magical Type and not a physical one.

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