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Professions and restricted areas

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Dear whomever is reading this,

Hi, could you re-open the area where we can get married in Pandemonium? Well actually, please re-open all the restricted sections in Pandemonium. I wanna experience it again as if I was a child. I've been playing this game ever since I was 10 years old. I wanna play it again like the good old days. Please and thank you. If you cannot do it, could you simply explain to me why? So that I could understand and have some closure. Thank you again, please be safe and healthy <3

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I agree with Devarauxx @Kibbelz. did Sanctum had the area to marry too? we want it back, please! while we're at it, also the restricted areas where we could previously buy dyes, skins and motions from npcs would be nice too! thank you!

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