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We're Not Getting Quality of Life Features Q.Q


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13 minutes ago, MetaBlack-KT said:

About the graphics - something worse, something better. I was embarassed in the beginning too,  having to edit my characters and they were many...  But the good things were that they added several new faces, some  of them are very useful! They allowed to combine any eye pupil with any face and gave women eyelashes.  They added several new hairstyles, and especially those on 6.0, with that long thick slightly-waving-straight male hair, and the very long one they gave to females in the survey with Ultimate Riesel Gear, the assortment of hairs became  about complete. Many ugly hairs and faces existed in the Classic, since 5.0 they added several beautiful ones and I don't imagine some of my characters without those hairs  (and faces) now. Trying to create an analog of some of my handsome male character  in the new Classic Aion editor, I couldn't even create a similar one. Face 13 on modern and classic servers - different faces, Classic server has abnormal eye pupils and I can't change them.


Classic Aion


The addition of hairstyles was good obviously and giving more options was good, but one thing they ruined was the full RGB spectrum for colours in hairs, skin etc. They allowed us to have 3 colours with their shades only for skin for example, the hair had a similar destruction in colour options.

Some faces did become better but they ruined my char's features, they also decided to add the "aegyo sal" into many of the eye presets which made every eye look like it has eyebags and that is because in Korea it was a big beauty trend and people rushed to get eye plastic surgery to get them.

If your char was asian-looking or anime, it could have looked good, but for us that wanted to create a more western look it made their faces look like they melted.



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6 hours ago, MetaBlack-KT said:

Will we have Sharptooth bikes in this game? Will we have housing? Can we please get a choice of skins  including  the outfits that appeared on patches like 4.x-5.x? like Astronaut, Charming Devil, Archangel, Dazzling (Daevanion ), Ornate Butterfly Hat and such? Will we have Versatile Dyes?  Will we have furniture paint guestblooms?? Cause we got used to them in our past and current Aion game. Can we get the beautiful new hairstyles that appeared since 6.0?   Will Songweaver class appear in Aion Classic, will the patches go progressively, will there ever come the Archdaeva patch (5.x), my favourite one? It's my favourite, 1st because of the inspiring scenario:  we do campaign quests to recall our lost destiny, lost memory, lost abilities that were suppressed  for a long time of Kali Yuga, The Balaur Rule, we go to higher vibrations embracing the Eternity, with our wonderful ancient civilizations' memories! You know, this subject is hot now! 2nd, as for the game itself, It was exciting  because there was much interesting to do in the Abyss (mostly Upper), there was Harbinger landing (Asmo, I forgot the name of the Elyos one) with a normal obelisk,  we could SOAR, it was beautiful and exciting, do quests and sieges in flight, especially when there was no reset to the Balaur every day on every fortress but there was pvp in the air! Pvp in the air, in the Abyss has been the most beautiful and exciting thing in Aion ever!  

The ad of Aion Classic shows ugly clothes on lev 1 characters... BTW far before the patch 6.0 they were improved as well as Ishalgen. Won't you bring the new Ishalgen to this Classic Aion?

The main thing is, of course, the Abyss and our wings - also with a variety of skins and long flight time, and flight time manastones!!!

Are you just trolling? 

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