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Siel Aura 7 Days - Expire in 24h ?


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As I read, they said we will have 1 week of Siel's Aura, yet .. the "buff" says it will expire in 22h or so!

Well? I mean, I'm ok to pay for it, but .. really? Saying 1 week then is 24h isn't a good way to .. start an adventure with NcSoft ...

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1 hour ago, Kubei-DN said:

I'm guessing it'll just refresh automatically tomorrow and continue so until 30th. Just a guess.

I already Alt F4 the game! :) 

15$ Sub + 30$ Daeva Pass which literally gives 500k free Kinah at lvl 13 + other goodies later on .... yea no! We did got some goodies with Veteran Ranks back in the days, but they were untradable. 

Oh well .. back to WoW.

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