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Unplayable Latency During Sieges


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Yesterday during sieges, myself and a lot of other people were experiencing insanely high ping when sieging, specifically when near a lot of players, while I usually have about 115 to 130 ping during normal gameplay . By insanely high i mean literally a 10 to 20 seconds delay and crazy rubberbanding, which is  absolutely unplayable.

Now, I remember back in 3.0 on NA servers I never had this issue, even though I had a worse internet connection, could siege just fine without any delay.


Have you also been experiencing this? Is this a EU players only issue? What changed from 3.0 to now that makes sieges unplayable for myself and for others from EU? Given sieges importance as a means of getting medals, AP and overall enjoyment out of the game, will anyone from Ncsoft look into fixing this issue, there are a lot of people connecting from EU?

Have you heard of this issue and is it fixable @Kibbelz

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I normally have 12-20ms of ping on the Israphel server but I still lag like crazy and experience high latency during sieges. I also tend to rubberband like crazy during sieges, or while gliding and run around in the world. This was always a problem for me in old Aion, it's an issue I have in no other game but this one.

I chalk up to bad netcode or something like that, or maybe it's an Engine issue. I doubt CryEngine 1 was designed to handle as many people doing what they are in a game like this.

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