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I log onto Aion and seen no one then i saw Aion classic did every one go to classic if so whats a good class to play that has cool looking armor I remember the templer back in 2012 armor u crafted was cool looking At level 34 ish Also I'm thinking of killing time for my other game new season to be live. My fav class on aion was Warrior-Gunner- And  Ranger and rogue 


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7 minutes ago, saberthoothjoe-KT said:

is classic easy to level up now?

It's the same pace as 2.x leveling, most would consider it slow and grindy, but it's not nearly as bad as original launch. I would say the average level on IS at least are mid 30s at the time of writing. 

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What were the XP values of monsters in the original Aion 1.x? Compared to what it is right now on classic, which is 2.7. (with 1.5 and later contents locked as of now)

The XP chart is so far the exactly the same as the original 1.x through 3.x (the spreadsheet link above also contains the original XP chart in another tab)

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