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A site listing all the monsters and object of aion classic would exist?? when I  playing in 2010 ,Aion database was working but not now with aion classic 
( Sry my english is very bad ) have a good day and mb if 151423 Topic talk about this :D

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23 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

What you might wanna use is AionCodex.com. It's still updated by the creator. AionDatabase is a stolen domain.

AionDatabase has been out since Aion first launched. AionCodex is new, and if it isnt made by the same person/group that made aiondatabase, then aioncodex is the stolen domain.

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2 hours ago, Malikai-EK said:

Then its not stolen then.

The post clearly explains it all, not sure which part you didn't understand. The guy who made aiondatabase had his work stolen by the guy who was merely having everything under his name.

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