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AFk Gathering


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All of them are doing it in an inauthentic way. When reported, nothing happens to them. They are the reason why gatherables are so lowly priced and unreasonable to gather to make kinah~

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I probably look like a bot while I'm gathering, but that's because I'm actually working, and I just tab back in around the appropriate time that it should respawn and start to gather. If someone is standing around me, I almost never notice them. I stay by the same node; I don't move from node to node as that requires too much effort on my part (again, working). Downside: I die to Elyos a lot because I'm not paying attention to the game except for a few seconds every 4-5 minutes lol.

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yes thats exactly my problem :D 

Not with gathering but with grind exp. I just press tab and then 1 (macro made in game, cast 4 skills).

then i just tab and again 1. Doing it at work so if some1 writes to me or smtg, i dont react...

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