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Aion 2 is Now Official


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Well designed with mobile in mind integrated p2w mechanics from the very start and allow PCs to emulate the game to play ? ☺️
It seems pretty much Aion live with updated graphics and optimized for mobile 🤣

But can I really blame NC for go this way ? Nah I can't at all because everyone spending money like mad on mobile games this is consequences from our behaviors(I want to spend on whatever I want because it's my money why I should care about others who don't have money to spend). This effect going to last decades if not forever.

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38 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

That website is pretty old. The only new info if true is the game being cross platform.

There seems to be some info slowly trickling out though this week.

I did check their job listings earlier this year and they were in fact hiring developers listed for [Aion 2] [Console] on their site so I'm fairly certain it is true that it will be cross platform. My guess is they are trying to keep up with games like ESO and Destiny being multi-platform mass player games.

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