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Hellp Please :(


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i am leveling a chanter and i am levle 30. i did stigma 101 quest but when i finished it, i used bounty option like it said. but i didnt not get my stigma D: ! my inventroy was full that might be why :/ but usually it appears when i delete some stuff but it didnt. please what do i do? i dont want to spend millions of kinah on the stigma! :(

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3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Support is able to see when people do or do not receive items they were supposed to receive. You should put in a support ticket. They will check their log and see that you didn't get the stigma.

i did, but they said i received it.. :(

if they are right and i did receive it then i guess it must've just randomly dissapeard or i might've deleted it on accident

i dont think i deleted it because i was very exited to see i got a new damage skill and i was looking carefully for it, i dont think i deleted it.

is there like a seperate inventory it couldve went to or something? or will i have to save kinah to get another stigma?

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5 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

There is no other inventory. You need to put in a ticket with Support. Tell them what happened. Hopefully they can help you.

yea i did. their responses all were the same in the line of " we have checked, you received it"

i ended up buying it and equipping it from the trade broker so i guess problem solved...

hope i dont have this problem on any of my future characters because this stigma was pretty cheap compared to alot of the other ones 

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