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IS-A is a Ghost Server outside Legions


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Congrats NC. IS-A is a Ghost Server outside Legions. You have max two groups for anything (SR/Adma/DC/Alq) every 4-5h. If you miss those two changes you are locked into solo PvE until next round happens. There are simply no PUG groups. Sometimes LFG chat stays silent for several minutes, the record I got was half an hour of pure radio silence (yeah, not even people under 30, people asking questions, nothing).

"Go join a Legion you PUG filthy!!"

Nowadays there are two big legions IS-A: AuA and PW. I don't know the people in there, and I will not say anything about anyone because I don't know (ok, I have a problem with ONE member of PW but that's my problem). But I know that if they were recruiting people at least would be a post or some shouts in LFG. And even if so, not everyone has the will or conditions to join a legion and deal with all that implies (some of us are old people with family, jobs, etc. and can't be camping world bosses or do sieges everytime or you get kicked stuff).

Before you start: this is not a legion call. THIS IS NOT A LEGION CALL. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A LEGION CALL.

Yesterday I was in Morhein gathering in the Desert and for a full hour I seen no one. Not even elyos and I was beside the rift exit (best Hasia gathering location)!!

I made a fresh daeva to see how many people the boxes would bring. There was a total of THREE people in Ishalgen: me, a bot and another player AFK.

We see IS have peaks of 5% population. I bet IS-A is less than 1% right now. So basically the game is dead if you are not in the two major legions.

I'm not just sitting and complaining. I still do daily coin quests, gather, craft, join every PUG group I can, farm PvE solo, but no AP because abyss is locked by full PvP hackers that use radar hacks to find people everywhere, since you do nothing against hackers/cheaters/AP traders because they are whales and we know you love money above all else. I mean I'm still active besides doing boring stuff, but my sub is running out.

I see no action or will of NC to do anything. Sadly, I will not have good memories of 2021 Aion "Classic". I still do hope something happens, but my hopes were already crushed more than once.

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19 minutes ago, Alvie said:

Yeah the Asmo ghosts on IS keep ganking me wherever I go in the Abyss, and they keep taking forts, it must be haunted.

Alvie, read again my title.

1 hour ago, 2s65F09 said:

IS peaks at 8% currently, not 5. And If you want to get technical, Siel has been at 24%.

When I last checked myaion.eu was 5%.


1 hour ago, Rag-DN said:

Just curious, how bad is the AP trading on IS server?

As bad as ever. But the hackers are worse than the traders.

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