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is aethertech a viable pve dps?


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Some boss stats are in this document

For example, Suffering Primeth (PF HM) have 20,379 physical attack and it auto attacks have 19,000-20,000 base weapon damage.

If your total physical defense + pve defense is:

  • 19,379 pve physical defense: auto attack damage 38,000-40,000
  • 18,379 pve physical defense: auto attack damage 54,000-60,000
  • 17,379 pve physical defense: auto attack damage 76,000-80,000
  • 16,379 pve physical defense: auto attack damage 95,000-100,000
  • etc.

Aethertech have huge PvE defense buffs and is the magic equivalent to Templar in Aion Refly:

  • Mounting Frustration: 2,500 (toggle skill)
  • Hostile Wave: 1,500 (procs when you hit an enemy with Rage Wave)
  • Magical Cover: 700 (additional effect of a mana shield toggle skill)

When your templar or aethertech stack your class PvE defense buffs, your total defense can exceed some boss's attack stats, making them deal minimum base damage which is their base weapon damage or base skill damage.

Aethertech also have various charge skills that deals huge damages.

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