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Going over the 1.5 Patch notes.


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I'm going to note some silly things. This is from the first quick glaze, but  I'll add more after. This is just for clarity since there is a hard fail from NC NA vs Playerbase.


"Changed the pattern of 'Leader Bakarma' that appears in Draupnir Cave.

The field of view has been changed to be smaller than before.

Changed the skill pattern.

Attack power has been lowered.

We have lowered the ATK and HP of the summoned monsters.

The following curtains have been added around the appearance area, and when Commander Bakarma leaves the curtain, the battle will be reset."





This is not an update with the 1.5 patch, this is something already implemented into the game because someone felt the need to hot rush minor fixes to certain issues that really don't genuinely affect the game's health. There is absolutely no reason ever to even include this into the patch notes. That's top tier disrespect. 


"Added the ability to set tokens even when not in a party.

If you set up a token without forming a party and then form a party, all the set tokens will be cleared."


There's like 5 different forum posts of people complaining why we can't mark(brand) targets when not in group. This is what this is saying. Lost in translation of course but do have the decency to make that edit. There is no such thing as tokens, so whomever translated do go play the game, and read the forums. To confirm, we do have the quality of life update to finally mark(brand) targets outside of group. 



"Fixed an issue where the spirit skill 'Scream of Fear' was not applied to the target in the glide state."


It's obvious we're using Google translate at this point. Also, this as well as all fear variants, was already hotfixed so someone can't glide fears on launch.





Unfortunately there is no real polite way to say this. This is just disrespectful. I'll do a thorough read instead of just a quick gloss tomorrow. 



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We're continuously being shown two things:


The NA team barely exists, if at all, and the KR team doesn't care about their NA team's ability.

I get it, Aion's an old game, but this community is probably one of the more passionate ones I've seen...


I'm happy with 1.5 so far, and I hope to continue seeing things improve, but let's have some kind of professionalism for goodness sake.

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