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Remove Dredgion cooldown


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I dont see any queues , ez join dred max w8 5 min after start  S-E side . 

I remember some protection system , if you try use  character  Asmo for join Dred , and use Elyos character same time to join Dred , then you will be in queue . Just think about that . Ofc if you are from IS , maybe there ppl have problems , but i am sure they will merge servers in 1-2 week . 

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I would agree with this with regard to both working class and family players as well as East Coast players.

I would be more in line with entrance tickets or maximums, where you could run Dredge 3 times a day, whenever you were able by using a ticket ... a ticket you could get 3 of per day from an NPC. 

Sure, it would probably not help with queue times, but the queue times are already long, so might as well make an effort to help players participate more

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