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  1. Radeon r7 200 overheat?

    What settings are you playing at?
  2. More Frequent Exp. events ?

    I want a refund for all the berdin stars i bought.
  3. Killed 2 tank, had plenty participating then.............
  4. If the ranking are separated by class, why are xform times included? That defeats the purpose of having the list separated. Any classes can just xform and get top rank. Thats why on the list you can see theres classes that have no possible way of getting that time left. One minute left for songweaver when videos on youtube showing they have at least 20 seconds left? Im not talking about the 3 second kill someone has. The list should really show how fast you can kill modor PLAYING the class listed, not an xform where some other class can do the same exact thing you can do with the same xform. The fix here is to disable time being listed if xform is used.. Looking at the list as of now, you can easily tell which are xform times and which are not.
  5. Missing stats in New Apollon set?

    i did mention chain. AT set has pdef and not cleric, and also applies to the harvester set
  6. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    The only difference is people could still visit it when it was locked. you can't with kata,dan, sarpan etc
  7. Elyos Invasion boss: Heavy Tetran

    I can confirm...
  8. Bring back Katalam and Danaria

    If Divine came back, its a possibility those other zones could come back but idk.
  9. Missing stats in New Apollon set?

    Its not a bug. All cloths are missing pdef. Idk about chain but AThas pdef. Its the same with the Havester gear too
  10. Crucible Spire

    https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/NPC:247245 3200+350= not 6k.
  11. AFK = what kills Aion

    That won't change anything because the numbers of players in aion is the same.
  12. Crucible Spire

    The boss has low stats requirements for mages. Idk about melees. All you need is like 3600? mb and high enough crit.
  13. AFK = what kills Aion

    Lets put it this way. If afkers don't join instances/groups or w/e, whats going to happen to the que time?
  14. Server Merge FAQ

    Are names "account" or "character" bound/priority? I have a name on an alt on the same account as my main that i wanted as a name.